The color printed on Guangjin Printing’ s tag and sticker is very rich and full. The paper we use is very solid and durable. It has good smoothness and a clear print.

Its processing properties are very good and can be used for bronzing, hot silver and other further treatment processes. It features high toughness and is not easy to tear. The whiteness and gloss of our hangtags and stickers are very good. We use sophisticated printing machines to print, which gives the pattern and font a three-dimensional look. It is strong and has high stiffness.

This product has a strong smoothness. The paper surface is flat and has high bursting resistance. It has a uniform thickness and a stable market prospect. It is worth mentioning that it is made of 100% pure wood pulp. Therefore, we guarantee that it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and recyclable.

Its paper has high tensile strength and tearing strength. Moreover, it is resistant to cracking and has high dynamic strength. It is widely used in clothing, marking, classification, etc. The product is fine in paper and has good folding resistance. We use embossing and hot stamping technique in our manufacturing process to increase product quality and enhance brand style, making it the best choice for high-end products.

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