The collective training-Guangjin
The collective training-Guangjin
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The collective training


On July 17, 2019, the company held a large-scale training on working skills and qualities of employees at new city international, hoping to improve all aspects of the company and bring better products and services to customers.

Our principle is" TO LIVE BY QUALITY & TO DEVELOP WITH CREDIT, To Pioneer and Innovate constantly, With high-quality products, reasonable price services to customers" The company has always paid attention to the cultivation of talents and the optimization of employees' working skills. Every year, an experienced professor will be invited to teach us how to solve interpersonal communication problems, knowledge and skills problems, and his work experience.Let us feel the joy of work.

Everyone in the company will feel that the company is not just where I work, but more like a big family. In this family, there is no superior or subordinate relationship, only cooperative relationship. You can't leave me, and I can't leave you.We are very happy here.

Guangjin -Study And Communication                       

New city international hotel:We will start today's study here, communicate with teachers about the problems encountered in this whole year's work, and make a summary. The teachers we invited have rich experience in this industry for decades, and we hope to bring customers excellent product quality and service through continuous learning and progress.


Guangjin -Study And Communication-1

Get a notebook and a neutral pen:The teacher's lecture is rich and interesting, and practical, everyone's notes are full.

Guangjin -Study And Communication-2           

  Listen to the teacher attentively: A focus on the eyes, as if not careful to follow the teacher's rhythm, a word do not want to miss.

Guangjin -Study And Communication-3               

Leave in an orderly fashion:The teacher's class always feel time passed quickly, we left with a full harvest.

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