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Guangjin Printing promises that the paper will be bleach-free and free of fluorescent agents. It features uniform fibers and a smooth surface. Our product is very easy to write. The paper of this product has the characteristics of no bristles even after it is erased by an eraser. Users will enjoy a smooth writing experience. It has high water absorption and is suitable for pen writing.

It is perfectly adapted to water-based inks. And the printed paper is soft and not glaring, which can prevent the damage to the eyes caused by long-term reading. It is worth mentioning that its gloss and color rendering is very great. Our printing style is flexible and can be customized according to customer requirements. The product looks high-end, textured and chic. At the same time, we have higher requirements on the technical process of the gel so as to ensure that there will be no cracking at the binding. Our paper has excellent ink absorption. Therefore, the ink will not stick in the user's hand, which is convenient for writing and reading.

The materials we use to produce stationery products are diverse. They are all resistant to friction and aging. The material itself is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and does not fade. If the special surface treatment is required, it has a certain waterproof effect.

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