We will first communicate with customers on market positioning and product characteristics:

Physical parameters: size, weight, capacity, etc.

Chemical parameters: waterproof strength, burst strength

Market positioning: high-end, mid-range, low-end

Consumer groups: young children, children, adolescents, the middle-aged and elderly

We will discuss a number of items including the size of the print, the paper materials selected for the print, and specified surface treatment techniques. We will try to shorten the entire production time from product design time, procurement time, delivery time and so on. We will pay great attention to product design, material procurement, and product production, and we will do detailed analysis based on collected data to provide customers with highly matched solutions that can reduce the risk of failure.


Our designers will make the design draft beautifully designed and endowed with vivid layouts, rich colors, elegant structure and fine details.


Our engineers will draw high-quality design artwork based on the solution chosen by the customer and strictly apply the color, text, etc. required by the customer.


During the printing process of the sample, we will be highly responsible and strictly proof the printed draft so that the sample can be printed accurately according to the original design draft. Our printing professionals have extensive knowledge of printing theory and skilled print operation skills. They are skilled in the adjustment of printing pressure, the configuration of ink, the control of ink color, the mastery of printing speed, and the application of color sequence.

05 - Strict Quality Control

The samples are sent to the customer for inspection after our strict quality inspection and are scheduled for mass production after the approval by the customer.





We adhere to the business philosophy of "Reliable Credit, Great Quality, Customer First" and strive to provide customers with satisfactory products and services.


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