Guangjin Printing's paper products can be effectively used in various industries. Our products are environmentally friendly and can be recycled to achieve no white pollution. We can meet the waterproof and moistureproof requirements through appropriate surface processing and can provide different processes including film coating process, sub-film process, hot stamping process, hot silver process, partial UV process, color printing process.

Our products have a certain strength, stiffness and mechanical adaptability. We can provide customers with reasonable and proper materials, thickness, processing technology and surface treatment. In addition, the paper also has certain foldability, elasticity and tear resistance, suitable for making packaging containers or for wrapping, etc. The wide range of raw materials and low-cost performance of the products can help customers save costs. Moreover, our paper products are diverse and have good processing properties. Therefore, it can be used for various processes such as bronzing, laminating, die cutting and slitting processes.

They have excellent printing performance and certain mechanical properties. They are lighter in weight, hygienic and safe. The surface of most special papers is relatively smooth and their texture is soft. It is also noted for excellent ink absorption performance. Also, we offer a complete customized service for all of our paper products.

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