Guangjin Printing’ s paper tube is made of kraft paper as the outer protective case. This material has no toxic odor. Our product is designed with kraft paper and is environmentally friendly. The interior of the product is made of white cardboard, which is very wear-resistant, beautiful and practical. At the same time, the product can be covered with the aluminum foil to protect it from moisture. The white cardboard is durable and has strong tear strength. The paper tube is in compliance with food-grade standards. In its production process, we use a comprehensive disinfection system to ensure its absolute cleanliness.

The product is easy to carry and has a cylindrical design that makes it very high-end and personal. The product is equipped with a cover that fits perfectly into the barrel, making it easy to use.

The bottom of the product is designed with a perfect protruding hem. The bottom is very rugged and can help the product to stand upright. The perfect bottom edge installation and binding make the whole bottom not easy to fall off and more beautiful. Moreover, the interior of the box is very large and is ideal for being used for scented candles and gourmet packaging. The entire process, style, pattern and color of the product can also be customized.

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