The paper box made by Guangjin Printing features good processing properties, excellent mechanical properties and flexibility. Moreover, its impact resistance is extremely strong, so it can protect its packaged products from damage. It can be easily folded and processed into a packaging container with various properties, and it works very well for realizing great mechanized processing operations. We have a mature paper box production process and many sophisticated paper box processing machines for ensuring precise manufacturing of the product.

At the same time, the good processing properties of the product create conditions for the design of various functional structures. We provide different and suitable paper materials and reasonable thickness for customers from different industries to meet their different technical requirements.

Its high-quality surface finish gives it excellent water and moisture resistance. It is a great and high-grade packaging material and can be used with a variety of sealing methods. Through proper surface treatment, our paper box provides the necessary insect resistance, barrier function and heat sealability to perfectly protect the packaged product.

The packaging box is noted for its high strength and strong physical properties to protect fragile and valuable items. Therefore, it can be effectively used for a wide range of applications in various industries.

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