The food packaging box from Guangjin Printing can be made into different shapes such as the rectangle, square, circle, triangle and even trapezoids based on the needs of the customer or the actual packaging application. It is in strict accordance with the international hygienic standards and is an ideal packaging product for food. We guarantee the highest safety standards.

It is available in various surface treatment processes. Different treatment technique options can be offered according to customers’ special requirements. The most prominent feature of the product is that it is effectively resistant to oil so the food oil will not permeate the paper packaging box, which might cause great inconvenience to the user.

The materials used in our food packaging are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and cost-effective. With the increasing demand for environmental protection performance of food packaging throughout the international market, our paper packaging box has become the preferred packaging product. It has good processing properties and can be suitable for composite processing. Its cardboard has a strong ability to absorb and bond ink and has excellent printing performance.

Now, our paper food packaging box has become a trend and replaces the application of plastic packaging materials in the food packaging industry, solving the environmental problems caused by plastic packaging.

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