The calendar product designed by Guangjin Printing is made of special polyamide paper and is made with special screw indentation technology adopted. Its material is light, soft and flexible and its surface is fine and even. It can maintain good dryness thanks to our excellent surface treatment technology. Its surface is well processed and coated. Therefore, it is well resistant to water and corrosion. We also use high-quality silk to make the bow of the calendar. Silk decoration is both romantic and stylish. This design can greatly enhance the high-end performance of the calendar product. It is extremely beautiful and sturdy.

Our designers also thoughtfully design the edges of the calendar to be smooth and tender to touch. The double edging design makes it more durable. Therefore, we guarantee that the design is user-friendly.

Its printing is exquisite and tidy. We offer this product a larger print format and a wider selection of paper weights. We offer excellent paper weight and special textured surfaces. Moreover, more binding and printing process options can also be provided.

We promise to print calendars using cutting-edge printing technology to ensure absolute clarity of its printing. The anti-rust steel ring used in this product adopts a pure iron ring as the inner core. Its iron ring is coated with anti-rust and environmentally friendly paint, which also has the advantage of being not easily deformed.

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